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We have tools to strengthen innovation in the aquaculture industry in Chile and the world.

Capacity building
  • Training workshops for Associated companies.

  • Strengthening program Innovation in the company.

Open Innovation & Challenges
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  • Technological Innovation Tour : learn about innovation ecosystems in other countries, and strengthen the transfer of knowledge and technology to the national aquaculture sector.

  • InnovaMeet : shared learning encounters in which partners present cases of innovation that leave lessons of experience for all and / or will call for collaboration on specific challenges.

  • Exchange of knowledge and challenges with academia focused on critical industry issues.

  • Website

  • Monthly Bulletin , informs about the main news of the global innovation ecosystem and in the national and international aquaculture industry.

  • virtual library  with documents of interest from markets, innovation and aquaculture.

  • Flash news

  • Regular publications in specialized media.

  • Weekly clipping

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Financing Instruments & Funds
  • Monthly Bulletin on the offer of Instruments for innovation.

  • Talks about funds for innovation.

Networking & Articulation
  • Alliances with entities of the innovation, multisectoral and aquaculture ecosystem of Chile and the world, which allow associates to access contacts with peers from other places and realities.

  • Technological antenna  of challenges and innovations related to the aquaculture sector.

  • Dissemination and interaction with the Community through the ABC platform of Salmoniculture     

Promotion & Marketing
  • International Seminar: Aquaculture Innovation . It takes place every two years and the companies and actors of the national and international aquaculture industry participate around the innovation in practices, products and services of the sector.

  • Tours  promotion and technical and commercial prospecting for potential markets.

  • Regular publications in specialized media

  • Social Networks (Linkedin-Instagram-Twitter)

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