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  • Innovación | Club Innovación Acuícola

    1/4 We link and we articulate the innovation needs of our partner companies with the global innovation ecosystem aquaculture , enhancing learning and collaboration. We empower The installation of culture of innovation in our partner companies, through a comprehensive skills acquisition program. Be a member Profits Club in the Press Contact us INNOVATE TO THE SOUTH OF THE WORLD ENTER THE SEMINAR Gold Sponsor Silver Sponsor Denise Reculé, Deputy Director - ORBE XXI: "We promote and participate in the Club, because we are convinced that collaboration in innovation empowers technology-based suppliers in Chile and abroad." Carlos Parra, General Manager - SATELNET: "As founding members of the Club, our motivation is to promote the development of the Industrial IOT in the aquaculture industry and to be collaborators in this area." Eduardo Mas, General Manager - SITECNA: "We believe in a open and collaborative innovation to generate powerful solutions and changes that make aquaculture in Chile a more competitive, sustainable and projected industry. " Conoce con nosotros sobre el Clúster de la industria salmonera: sus procesos, tecnologías, proveedores y su entorno. INNOVATE TO THE SOUTH OF THE WORLD Innova al sur del mundo Play Video Play Video Innova al Sur del Mundo: "Innovación en Sistemas Flotantes de apoyo a la Acuicultura". Play Video Play Video Innova al Sur del Mundo: Innovar y transformar digitalmente la gestión de la industria acuícola. Play Video Play Video Innova al Sur del Mundo: Control de la smoltificación y rendimiento en engorda de salmones. STIM Play Video Play Video Innova al Sur del Mundo: Recuperación de suelos marítimos y/o lacustres_DVS Tecnología Play Video Play Video Innova al Sur del Mundo: Mejoras para la productividad y competitividad en la Acuicultura_COMPITE Play Video Play Video Innova al Sur del Mundo: Embarcaciones Acuícolas_Perspectivas e Innovación Play Video Play Video Innova al Sur del Mundo: Desarrollo de estrategias de innovación en Acuicultura. ORBE XXI Play Video Play Video Innova al Sur del Mundo: Tecnologías para la observación de los peces en Acuicultura_CageEye Play Video Play Video Innova al Sur del Mundo: Nuevas tecnologías de cultivo en mar_ERSIL Events (edit) FOLLOW US

  • Somos | Club Innovación Acuícola

    ARE A space for strengthening individual and associative capacities of companies to innovate in the aquaculture industry in Chile, based on trust and collaboration. … That provides regular services to its associates and that constantly explores new challenges and opportunities that add value in the industry. Our Directory Code of ethics Strengthen the capacity to innovate, individually and associatively, in the aquaculture cluster companies. Strengthen the culture of innovation strongly supported by trust and collaboration. Act with vision of Cluster , integrating producers, suppliers, academia, technology centers, financing entities in this task. Interact and rely on regional and national innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems, strategic programs and other national and foreign entities and instruments. We are part of:

  • DOCUMENTOS | InnovacionAcuicola

    Compendium Ecosystem of Innovation in the Chilean salmon farming industry In alliance between Club de Innovación Acuícola y Salmonexpert, Media specialized in the aquaculture industry in Chile, is born this Compendium within the section "Learning Aquaculture" of the magazine, which includes a series of 10 chapters focused on a detailed look at the innovation ecosystem in the salmon farming industry, local technological developments and export of services from the cluster of national aquaculture providers. Developed by the companies associated with the Aquaculture Innovation Club, the different chapters present the state of the art, development and future of the various lines of innovation in the aquaculture industry. Capítulo 1 Developed by ORBE XXI and Digital Solutions Capítulo 2 Developed by SITECNA and Grupo ERSIL Capítulo 3 Developed by STIM Chile and BIOLED Capítulo 4 Desarrollado por PATAGONIA ROV y BLUEGROVE Capítulo 5 Desarrollado por SATELNET y GX CONSULTORES Capítulo 6 Desarrollado por ADL Diagnostic Chile y Salmoclinic Capítulo 7 Desarrollado por DVS Tecnología Capítulo 8 Desarrollado por ORBE XXI Capítulo 9 Desarrollado por DVS Tecnología, Orbe XXI y Salmoclinic Código de Ética - Club Innovación Acuícola Las bases de este código tienen como fin, fijar estándares éticos y contar con un marco común de conducta que guíe el quehacer y la toma de decisiones del Club Innovación Acuícola y sus socios en beneficio del bien común, ya sea en las relaciones con la industria acuícola nacional y extranjera, con organizaciones públicas y privadas, prestadores de servicios, proveedores, socios de negocios y/o empleados. El directorio, la administración, los empleados y asociados del Club, se comportan de acuerdo a los valores de este código de ética en sus respectivos ámbitos de acción, para aportar a un desarrollo integral y sustentable y un clima de honestidad que asegure una equitativa y armoniosa convivencia entre las diversas personas que lo integran. Descargar

  • Inscripcion | InnovacionAcuicola

    1st International Seminar September 9 and 10, 2021 TRENDS & CHALLENGES IN AQUACULTURE INNOVATION IN AMERICA We invite you to participate in this unprecedented Seminar, by registering at the link: ​ We invite you to participate in this unique Seminar, by registering at the link: ENTER SEMINAR Organize

  • Nuestro Equipo | InnovacionAcuicola

    know us Jane doe I'm a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy. James doe I'm a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.

  • Beneficios | Club Innovación Acuícola

    BENEFITS We have tools to strengthen innovation in the aquaculture industry in Chile and the world. Capacity building Training workshops for Associated companies. Strengthening program Innovation in the company. Open Innovation & Challenges Technological Innovation Tour : learn about innovation ecosystems in other countries, and strengthen the transfer of knowledge and technology to the national aquaculture sector. InnovaMeet : shared learning encounters in which partners present cases of innovation that leave lessons of experience for all and / or will call for collaboration on specific challenges. Exchange of knowledge and challenges with academia focused on critical industry issues. Communication Website Monthly Bulletin , informs about the main news of the global innovation ecosystem and in the national and international aquaculture industry. virtual library with documents of interest from markets, innovation and aquaculture. Flash news Regular publications in specialized media. Weekly clipping Financing Instruments & Funds Monthly Bulletin on the offer of Instruments for innovation. Talks about funds for innovation. Networking & Articulation Alliances with entities of the innovation, multisectoral and aquaculture ecosystem of Chile and the world, which allow associates to access contacts with peers from other places and realities. Technological antenna of challenges and innovations related to the aquaculture sector. Dissemination and interaction with the Community through the ABC platform of Salmoniculture Promotion & Marketing International Seminar: Aquaculture Innovation . It takes place every two years and the companies and actors of the national and international aquaculture industry participate around the innovation in practices, products and services of the sector. Tours promotion and technical and commercial prospecting for potential markets. Regular publications in specialized media Social Networks (Linkedin-Instagram-Twitter)

  • Seminario Internacional | InnovacionAcuicola


  • Programa | InnovacionAcuicola

    1st International Seminar September 9 and 10, 2021 TRENDS & CHALLENGES IN AQUACULTURE INNOVATION IN AMERICA 1st International Seminar September 9 and 10, 2021 09 September 2021 08:30 - 13:30 TRENDS AND CHALLENGES IN AQUACULTURE IN AMERICA Exhibition: Trends and challenges of aquaculture in America ​ Panel 1: Perspectives in North America. Representatives of the USA, Canada and Mexico Panel 2: Prospects in the Caribbean. Representatives of Colombia, Costa Rica and Honduras. ​ Panel 3: Perspectives in South America. Representatives from Brazil, Ecuador, Peru and Chile. Download Program 10 September 2021 08:30 - 13:30 INNOVATION AND THE FUTURE OF AQUACULTURE IN AMERICA Exhibition: Construction of Social Capital and Innovation ​ Panel 1: New tools for health and nutrition in aquaculture. Panel 2: Aquaculture 4.0: culture systems and digital technologies. ​ Panel 3: Innovation for sustainability in aquaculture. Download Program Organize

  • ¿cómo Ser Socio? | Club Innovación Acuícola

    HOW TO BE A PARTNER We invite you to Aquaculture Innovation Club, which has brought us together to constitute a space for strengthening our individual and associative capacities to innovate in the aquaculture industry in Chile, in a broad, diverse and inclusive way and appealing to our ability to generate trust and collaboration in this task. BENEFITS National and international networking. Exchange of innovation experiences. Attendance at Events, Seminars and Talks free. Development of open innovation projects. Integrate a common spokesperson for innovation in the aquaculture industry. Access training and capacity building programs. Network of contacts with potential suppliers and clients. PARTNER CATEGORY ASOCIADO Tienen derecho a voz y voto en la organización, pueden elegir y ser elegibles para cargos de Directorio. PATROCINADORES Tienen derecho a voz y voto en la organización, pueden elegir y ser elegibles para cargos de Directorio. Tienen beneficios de difusión en plan de Marketing del CIA. COLABORADORES Invitados por el Club, constituyen un aporte para éste en algún aspecto inherente a sus ámbitos de actividad o de soporte. Liberados de pago de cuotas sociales, aunque contribuyentes con su trabajo a alguna actividad regular del Club. CONTACT Karin Rautenberg T. Deputy Director of Projects send mail

  • Expositores | InnovacionAcuicola

    1st International Seminar September 9 and 10, 2021 TRENDS & CHALLENGES IN AQUACULTURE INNOVATION IN AMERICA Alejandro Flores placeholder image Fisheries and Aquaculture Officer for Latin America and the Caribbean - FAO. Fisheries Engineer from the Instituto Tecnológico del Mar de Veracruz, Mexico. Msc. in Aquaculture and Fisheries Management from the Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling, Scotland; Doctor of Science (PhD) in Aquaculture Development Planning from the University of Stirling Institute of Aquaculture. He is a Research Professor and Head of the Department of Marine Resources of the Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute-Mérida Unit, Mexico. Founding Director of the School of Natural Resources of the Marista University of Mérida, Mexico. General Director of the Southeast Aquaculture Development Company. He is an International Consultant for the Program to Support the Development of Fisheries and Aquaculture of the Central American Isthmus (PRADEPESCA-European Union). He joined FAO in 2009, where he has served as Coordinator of the Multidisciplinary Team for South America. Currently, he is Chief Fisheries and Aquaculture Officer for Latin America and the Caribbean and Secretary of the Artisanal , Small-Scale Fisheries and Aquaculture Commission of Latin America and the Caribbean. Jeanne mcknight Executive Director, Northwest Aquaculture Alliance (USA) Executive Director of McKnight Group, Inc., and currently serves as Executive Director of Northwest Aquaculture Alliance, a US-based Aquaculture Advocacy Organization. His 35-year career includes work on issues of international trade and aquaculture promotion. Between 1991 and 2001, the McKnight's company helped launch Chilean salmon in the US market and worked for SalmonChile on international trade issues. She was also director of communications for the Global Aquaculture Alliance. Aimee rae Director of Policy and Public Affairs, Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance (CAIA) Bachelor of Commerce from Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada and Master of Economics from University of Guelph, Canada. He joined CAIA in early 2021 after practicing most of his career at the Canadian Export Credit Agency, where he specialized in country risk, economic forecasting and international trade agreements at the OECD. At CAIA, he manages the policy as well as regulatory affairs and member engagement of the Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance, through the various CAIA member technical committees. Juan Carlos Lapuente Deputy Director General for Aquaculture Research, National Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture (Mexico) Degree in Oceanology, graduated from the UABC Faculty of Marine Sciences in 1995. Professor at UABC from 2008 to 2015; He was also President of the State Committee for Aquaculture Health and Safety of Baja California and of the National Oyster Council. In the private sector it has developed in various companies all involved with Aquaculture; highlighting the preparation and development of various technical feasibility studies and technological development, environmental impact manifests; and various HACCP Plans for the handling and packaging of aquaculture species. It is important to highlight that he has more than 20 years of experience in Aquaculture and Mariculture. Jairo Amezquita Regional Manager of Aquaculture Program, US Soybean Export Council (Colombia) Marine Biologist from the Universidad de Bogotá, Jorge Tadeo Lozano, 1981. Specialist in Global Market Management from the Universidad Santiago de Cali, 1998. More than 38 years in aquaculture as a trout producer, later in the commercial area of Ralston Purina, Cargill and Aquaculture Consultant in Latin America. For 10 years with USSEC as Director of the Aquaculture Program in the Americas, promoting the use of US SOY in aquaculture diets as well as sustainable aquaculture production. He is based in Cali, Colombia. Jose Soto General Director, Aqua Corporación Internacional (Costa Rica) Systems Engineer from the Technological Institute of Costa Rica, MBD in Banking and Finance. He has 17 years of experience in the processing, cultivation and production of Tilapia. Production Management in Costa Rica, and taking in the last year the great step to have the surcharge of the General Management. He began his career as Head of the Database Department. He assumes the Country Management for a year and a half in an aquaculture project in Panama in cages of the ACI SA Group, being later promoted to the Production Management in Costa Rica and taking in the last year the great step to have the position of General Management. Ismael wong CEO at Seajoy (Honduras) Marine Biologist from the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University, Colombia and Master in Aquaculture from the University of the Phillipines in Visayas, Philippines. With more than 40 years in the aquaculture production industry in the cultivation of Peneid Shrimp in several countries of America. He has been with the Seajoy Group (Ecuador and Central America) for 35 years, as General Manager and currently, as CEO of the same group, under the acquisition of Cooke Aquaculture. He has participated in multiple congresses, seminars and postgraduate degrees at the international level. Yahira Piedrahita Executive Director, National Chamber of Aquaculture (Ecuador) Aquaculture Engineer from ESPOL, with a master's degree in Bioaquatic Resources Management and a diploma in Fisheries Economics; She also has training as an auditor of HACCP, ASC, GlobalG.AP standards, among others. She has served as Executive Director of the National Chamber of Aquaculture since 2011. She has worked as a consultant and expert for important national and international institutions in various fields of fishing and aquaculture. At the governmental level, she has been General Director of Aquaculture as well as of the National Fisheries Institute of Ecuador. He has more than 30 years of experience in the industry, preparing and implementing regulations on good practices in shrimp production and product processing, management policies, certifications, among others. Felipe Nogueira Matias International Aquaculture Consultant Former Secretary of Aquaculture Management and Planning (Brazil) Degree in Fisheries Engineering and Administration, MBA in Business Management, Master in Fisheries Engineering, in the Aquaculture and Sustainability line and Master in Administration and Control, in the Strategy and Sustainability line. Doctorate in Biotechnology of Fishery Resources and Postdoctorate in Oceanic and Terrestrial Dynamics at the Fluminense Federal University. He was Secretary of Planning and Planning of Aquaculture of the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture from 2005 to 2012 and in 2015. He was a consultant for the FAO / UN and served as Executive Secretary of the Aquaculture Network of the Americas. Currently he has worked in the areas of Strategic Management, Sustainability and Technological Innovations focused on aquaculture. Christian berger International Aquaculture Consultant and Academic at the Southern Scientific University (Peru) Biologist from the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. Postgraduate degree in Aquaculture and Biological Oceanology, University of Western Brittany, France. He is a Researcher and Director of Aquaculture at the Instituto del Mar del Peru. With managerial and advisory positions in aquaculture companies and national and international organizations. Consultant for international organizations in fishing and aquaculture projects: FAO, SELA, OLDEPESCA, CAF, OEA, UNDP. Former aquaculture advisor to the Vice-Ministerial Office of Fisheries. Former member of the Board of Directors of FONDEPES, the Peruvian Shrimp Association and ProAcuicultura. Undergraduate and graduate teacher and Inter-institutional Coordinator of the Aquaculture Engineering Career, Universidad Científica del Sur de Lima, Peru. Member of the Board of Directors of the Instituto del Mar del Perú and Author of various publications and presentations in national and international forums on aquaculture issues. Carlos Wurmann G. Executive Director AWARD Ltda., International Consultants in Aquaculture and Fisheries (Chile) Industrial Civil Engineer, M.Sc Economics. International Consultant in Aquaculture and Fisheries, specialized in Planning, Development, Technological Foresight, Productive Diversification and Market, Innovation and Business Development. Associate Professor of the Department of Aquaculture and Food Resources, Univ. De Los Lagos. Consultant FAO (1985-2021) and World Bank, OECD, UNIDO. He was Manager of Marine Resources at Fundación Chile and President of the Strategic Salmon Program. Former member of the Executive Council of the International Institute of Fisheries Economics and Trade. Aquaculture Planning and Development jobs in Chile, Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Jamaica and others, and Lecturer in Aquaculture Prospective, Fisheries Markets and Technologies in more than 20 countries for more than 30 years. Eduardo Bitran C. International and Academic Consultant UAI (Chile) Industrial Civil Engineer from the University of Chile and PhD in Economics from Boston University in 1987. He is a tenured professor at the Faculty of Engineering and Sciences of the Adolfo Ibáñez University, where he teaches courses on Project Formulation and Evaluation. He has been a member of various boards of directors in private companies and state institutions, such as Salcobrand, Transelec, Enami, among others. He was also President of the National Council of Innovation for Competitiveness and General Director of Fundación Chile. He consulted on competitiveness and infrastructure issues in Colombia, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic and Mexico. He was Minister of Public Works between 2006 and 2008, and Executive Vice President of CORFO in 2014 and 2018. Pablo Leyton Manager of Feed Technology, Salmofood - Vitapro Chile (Chile) Veterinarian, Master Business Administration and Master in Aquaculture Nutrition. He is a PhD student in the Aquaculture Sciences Doctorate Program. He has been involved in the salmon farming industry since 1993, working in two production companies before joining Vitapro Chile - Salmofood since 1996. Currently, he is manager of Feed Technology and among his roles he is responsible for Nutrition and formulation, Research and Development , Quality, Management System, Laboratories. His latest research carried out: Full cycle Atlantic salmon production fed without fish meal and oil and maintaining the levels of EPA + DHA in the final product. ​ ​ ​ Emiliano Di Cicco Researcher, Fish Health Pacific Salmon Foundation (Canada) He graduated from the Faculty of Biosciences and Veterinary Medicine at the University of Camerino (Italy), where he also obtained his Ph.D. in Fish Pathology. After working as a consultant in fish health and pathology for academic institutions, fish farms and public aquariums, he moved to Canada in 2015 to join the Strategic Salmon Health Initiative (SSHI), for which he worked as Project Manager and Fish Pathologist, assisting in the detection of fish diseases in farmed and wild salmon in British Columbia (Canada), as well as contributing to the development of innovative molecular techniques to assess the health status of fish. Gregor reid Director , Center for Applied Marine Research (Canada) With more than two decades of experience in aquaculture sustainability and environmental research, he has worked with multiple species in marine and freshwater systems. PhD from the University of Guelph and post-doctorate in integrated aquaculture at the University of New Brunswick and Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO). He was the principal investigator for projects with the Canadian Network for Integrated Multitrophic Aquaculture and has conducted field and laboratory research on the ecological interactions of aquaculture and the implications of climate change for fisheries and aquaculture. He is an adjunct professor at the University of New Brunswick and has served as the Aquaculture Operations Manager for the Province of Nova Scotia. Bendik S. Søvegjarto Co-Founder and CEO, Aquatech Bluegrove (Norway) With a background in Electronics and Computer Science from the University of Oslo, Bendik joined the company in 2014, developing the third and fourth generation hydroacoustic sensors used to understand fish behavior. In 2017, Bendik became the CEO of Bluegrove. With his ambitious growth plans, he quickly grew the company from 4 to 70 team members and made two successful industry acquisitions. Passionate about using technology and data to understand the behavior and appetite of farmed fish, Bendik's philosophy is to focus on ecology to improve economic results. Today, Bluegrove serves some of the world's leading salmon producers with smart feeding solutions, enabling them to optimize their production in balance with nature. Felipe Ramirez Business Development Manager, InnovaSea (USA) Graduated from Florida International University in Miami, with bachelors in International Relations. He has worked as Business Development Manager at Innovasea since 2017, focused on in aquaculture in the open sea, dedicated to being part of the establishment of sustainable aquaculture. He worked for more than ten years with DSM Dyneema, in the development of the aquaculture and commercial fishing market and industrial applications. Fabian Aviles Director, Program for the Development of Ocean Aquaculture - Chile 2023 (Chile) Fabián Avilés is a Marine Biologist, with postgraduate studies in Australia and more than 20 years of experience working mainly in positions related to R&D in various areas with particular emphasis on projects related to aquaculture. With experience in both the public and private sectors, roles from which he has participated facilitating the linking of science, business and university. He currently works as Director of the Program for the Development of Ocean Aquaculture - Chile 2023, Consortium led by the company EcoSea Farming and as Coordinator of the Science Up Consortium within the framework of the Science and Innovation Program for 2030 integrated by the Universities PUCV, USACH and UCN. Esteban Ramirez General Manager, INTESAL SA (Chile) Chemical Civil Engineer from the U. de Concepción, MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from the UDD, Diploma in Business Administration, with a training course in Lean Manufacturing by Kaizen Institute and by MIT, Certified Mentor by U. Simón Bolivar from Colombia. Specialized in quality management, environmental, OHS and social standards as an auditor. With more than 20 years of experience in Production Operations and its problems both in terms of processes and their environmental impacts. and social, leading cultural changes and creating innovation platforms as a solution. He was Operations, Technology, R&D Manager and Innovation for MASISA; President of the Department. of Boards and Sheets of CORMA. Participate as Director in Research consortiums such as CIPA, CIEP and HUB APTA. He is a counselor for different engineering careers, a member of the networks from UC Mentors, from MENTORINN from CIdere Bio Bio and the nascent network of Salmon Mentors. Yolanda Molares M. Cluster Manager of Cluster ACUIPLUS (Spain) She is the Director of the Institute for Sustainable Growth of the Company SL in Spain. Degree in Business Administration and Management and Master in International Studies. With more than 20 years of experience coordinating projects and being part of multidisciplinary teams created for the design and implementation of actions aimed at productive and business development, located in Europe, Latin America and Africa. His areas of work are oriented to sectoral development, corporate social responsibility and entrepreneurship, among others, with special expertise in the field of the blue economy and sustainability. Mariella Miranda L. Social Specialist, National Program for Innovation in Fisheries and Aquaculture (Peru) Historian at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú and candidate for a Master's Degree in Strategic Management of Social Responsibility within the Framework of the Sustainable Development Goals. He has experience in the preparation, articulation and execution of development projects for social actors in the fishing and aquaculture sector, as well as in the design, planning and monitoring of financing funds for sustainable and inclusive innovation projects. Responsible for the analysis and evaluation of the sociocultural impacts of the projects, as well as the control and compliance with possible social risks or World Bank safeguards. . Constanza Alvial R. Founding Partner, Sustainable Value Consultant Lawyer with a specialty in Human Rights and Business, Institutional Relations and National and International Advocacy in Public Policy and Regulations. She is a partner of the Sustainable Value Consultant, a company that accompanies institutions in the incorporation of Human Rights standards for responsible business conduct. She is the Coordinator of the Pro Bono Network of the Americas, a group of 21 organizations throughout the American continent. Founder of Fundación Yansa in Chile which aims to generate wind energy together with indigenous communities. Member of the board of directors of Corporación Nuestra Casa who works with homeless people. Organize

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